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Flip The Script: Episode 15

With the courage to lead and to take responsibility comes the power to make a change.

Everyone has the ability to be a leader. Some have the ability and potential to lead on a large scale and some on a small but we all have the ability to lead, empower and influence.

It can be daunting and scary but you have so much ability and potential in your hands, you just need to be brave and show it. Waiting for someone else to create the change we long to see is very frustrating and never going to be as effective as if we take responsibility and lead.

Accepting leadership and deciding to take responsibility is hugely empowering. When you decide to do it and to do it with a glad and happy heart you empower yourself to make dramatic change in your life and create a ripple effect in the lives of others.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out looking for leadership and responsibility but just to lead from Who-What-Where you are. Lead with the responsibility you have already been given and everyone that has been entrusted to you. Lead courageously and lead by example even if you don’t want to, even if you are scared. If you see a change that needs to happen then lead the way, start with you and who knows who will follow.

You are here for a purpose. You are valuable. You are loved. You are capable. You are able. There is TREASURE in you, more than you know. Now is the time to let it show.

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