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Merry Christmas (for anyone not feeling merry this year)

Not professional, not perfect but a personal Christmas ecard especially for anyone not feeling merry this year. From our heart to yours. Merry Merry Christmas...

Not professional. Not perfect.

But from a heart to yours.

Is this ecard made

For a merry cause.

Because this year’s different.

Different to the core.

It is unlike any year

You've known before.

You may not be feeling merry

But afraid, in doubt, unsure.

This year has shocked and shaken

You to your very core.

A calloused heart,

Ears dull and eyes that don’t see.

Can hear but not understand,

Sight that doesn’t perceive.

But when you see with your eyes

And hear with your ear

You understand with your heart

A turn can heal despite the year.

Comfort comfort

may this card bring

For any pain

Or heaviness within.

Dark can not drive out darkness

Hate can not drive out hate

Love, hope and light

Create a different fate

Forgiveness has power

It is what you need

It is the story,

it is the bleed.

Flourish is the new word.

The new word for 2021

It's time for a new beginning

It's time for a different song.

Forward momentum,

Poor in spirit but brave,

Courageous, bold, unafraid,

No longer fears' slave.

Loving yourself,

Mourning but strong,

Planned and purposed,

Uniquely belong.

Ordinary process,

Meek but powerful,

Patient and persistent,

Simply joyful.

Understanding generosity,

Freedom but not control,

Integrity and acceptance,

Hunger for a greater goal.

Respectful kindness,

Mercy but not weak,

Compassion and care,

Trust's highest peak.

Inspired dreams

Buried deep but eternally inside,

Pure aspirations and ambitions,

You no longer hide.

Self Sacrifice

Peace but at a cost

It is worth the fight

No one is lost

Hopeful commitment

Powerful but persecuted

Enduring and faithful,

Determination undiluted

Merry merry Christmas,

may you not just survive

But overcome and overcome

Flourish and thrive.


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