What do you do when your heart wants to do the impossible?

What do you do when your heart wants to move to France, but you don't speak French, you don't have a job or anywhere to live?

Since we got married in 2011 Sam and I have dreamed a dream of living in France. We got close a few times but the obstacles and challenges just felt too big. Then we started a family and the obstacles and challenges got a lot bigger! Then 1 year ago today, we did it! (With our 2 young children). We made the move, uprooted our whole life and little family to France. It is one of the best decisions we have made. It has been tough and very challenging at times, but we have all grown hugely. Both individually but also together as a family. The growth has not just been physical (as Lilla and Jaciah have both got a lot taller in the last year) but also in confidence and self-esteem. Especially Lilla (who is now 4) and gone from no French to fluency.

We were able to make the move and overcome our challenges and obstacles by utilising an Octagonal Mindset. An Octagonal Mindset didn't remove our challenges but it gave us the mental strength and resilience to overcome them. Below I've provided a breakdown of the 8 mindsets we needed: