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Week 7 & Mindset 7: Empathy

With our words and actions, we have the ability to directly affect and influence everyone we come into contact with. Similarly every day there will be multiple things that have the ability to affect and influence us. Whether we react or respond makes a huge difference. When we pause, take time to understand and respond instead of react we have a better chance of controlling and improving our performance. While a reaction is often fuelled by fear or anger and usually not the best choice of action and is likely to negatively affect our performance.

Last week I had my first crash on my bike while out on a ride with my husband after I took a descent too fast for the wet and slippery conditions we were riding in. Although I just had a few bruises it did scare me and I had to force myself to respond to my crash and not react to it. My reaction would have been never to get on a bike again, as it is too risky and too dangerous. Especially as my training often involves riding out with our little boy. However, instead I choose to respond to my crash. I can't prevent an accident from happening but I have learnt from it and know I can be more careful when it is wet. Learning to respond instead of react to things that happen is becoming a habit for me. My initial thought is still a desire to react to things but now I pause, take time to understand and consider what is happening and then choose to respond. It is most always a different course of action than if I had reacted without stopping to understand. What about you? Do you react to people that don't do as you want them to or things that don't go as you hoped or do you respond? What can take time to understand and respond to today?

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