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Week 6 & Mindset 6: Valuable

On Tuesday night Liverpool FC dug deep and won a very unlikely victory to secure themselves a place in the Champions League Final. Then last night Tottenham Hotspur FC, inspired by the Liverpool win, also dug deep to secure their own unlikely victory and their own place in the Champions League Final. For me this week ironman training has me digging deeper than ever have before. It is good timing as Mindset 6 of the Octagonal Mindset is about focusing on what is most valuable to you and how to dig deep to achieve it. It makes me think of this story below from Mort Utley;

“Two little 6 year old boys of extreme opposites are put into a room for 20 minutes. One little boy is put into a room filled with toys. The other little boy was put into a room with a great big huge pile of horse manure. After 20 mins the little boy in the toy room hadn’t touched any of the toys. When he was asked ‘why’, he replied that he was afraid that he would hurt himself. Meanwhile, the other little boy was neck deep in the pile of manure, digging and slinging it everywhere. When he was asked ‘why’, he replied, “with a pile of manure that big there has to be a pony in here somewhere!”

This week my ironman training has me digging and wading deeper than I ever have before but it is still the road I choose. It is tough going, sticky and very smelly but the deeper I dig the better and better it gets. I'm learning I can do more than I ever imagine. What else can I do if I can do this? What about you? Are you chasing what is most important to you today? How has the Liverpool win inspired you? Focus on what is valuable to you and keep digging. As Mort Utley would say; "Remember that as you are wading through it, the more you find and the deeper it gets the bigger the pony."

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