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Week 5 & Mindset 5: Innocent Kindness

Living with innocent and spherical kindness has a dramatic effect not just on your life but on everyone around you. Spherical kindness is motivated by innocence and is without ulterior motive. Kindness is a habit we can easily get in or out of. We may remember to be kind to strangers but often forget to be kind to those closest to us and especially ourselves.

For me this ironman has given me an opportunity to be kind to me. An ironman may not seem like an obvious way to be kind to yourself but ironman has been on my bucket list since I first heard about it. It remained on my list as something I'd like to do but I never allowed myself the time to train or dare to believe I could do it. Now I am having a go and loving it. What can you move from your bucket list and put into your day? Be kind to yourself give it a few minutes every day and you will be surprised at what you can tick off!

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