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Week 4 & Mindset 4: Generosity

This week I am applying Mindset 4 of the Octagonal Mindset, Generosity. Generosity Mindset is all about doing what you say you will do, regardless of how you feel and whether you want to or not. It is about being open handed and giving your time, effort and energy. Generosity goes further than integrity. Integrity creates trust and trust is essential in fulfilling our potential. If you are genuine, honest and demonstrate integrity you will build confidence and trust and it will have a direct result not just on your relationships but in releasing your potential. Integrity does what we say we will do. Generosity does more than we say we will do.

This was a tough challenge for me this week as I am recovering from a tummy bug and I needed to get back to my training plan, catch up on all the sessions I have missed and do what I said I was going to do. Generosity Mindset means going beyond our reserves and giving the last of what we have left. Not into dangerous deficit but giving the little that we have, as we do we realise we have more to give than we think that we do. What can you give today?

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