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8 reasons why England can win the World Cup

On Wednesday 11th July our players, manager and whole support team will have the biggest day of their career so far facing Croatia in the semi-final of the the 2018 World Cup. Followed by the next biggest day of their career on Saturday 14th July in the 2018 World Cup Final.

There are 8 reasons why I know England can do whatever is required of them to win the game on Wednesday and then do it again on Saturday; lift the trophy, pack it up and take it home. It is a strategy and game plan. Not a pick ‘n mix, but a point by point, blow by blow, all 8 kind of a deal. It won’t be easy. It will be difficult, challenging and grueling but possible. Here’s how.

1. Fail.

The fear of failure is sneaky, it can be camouflaged and disguised into our identity. It is powerful and crippling, but when we know that we will all have an ‘L’ plate etched onto our back and failure is just part of life’s learning process then we can smile and get back up and go again and failure no-longer holds fear for us and can’t hold us back.

England have already succeeded. The odds of England reaching the semi-finals let alone the final were not good. So whatever happens from here our boys can hold their heads high knowing they have done a good job to get this far. When they walk onto the pitch knowing that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain they will have the boldness to play a creative, fearless and wonderful game.

2. Originality.

We can go through life trying to be just like everyone else but we only need to look at our fingers to know that we’re unique and one of a kind. When we realise we’re not meant to be the same then the very things that we most want to change can become our strongest assets and our unique abilities.

This is a brand new England team. They don’t need to worry about mistakes of the past, they have been able to learn from the legends that have worn the shirt before them and play their own game. Each player has his own unique skills and talents to contribute to the team to make one incredible whole.

3. Respect.

When we're in a rush to see results we become inpatient and frustrated, but when we respect the process and know overnight success does not exist then every day starts to matter and every single snail step counts.

Qualifying for a semi-final is not an overnight success but a result of patient, persistent and consistent training. The squad know how hard they have worked and that it is all in the ball bank ready for them to call on when they need it (and they will). They don’t need to panic and rush decisions just play their own game remember what they have learnt and done in training.

4. Generosity.

When we learn to be generous and become open handed with our money, time and skills it encourages others to do the same. It creates trust and develops relationships.

The culture of the England team has been transformed from a bunch of individuals playing together to one self-less unit in pursuit of one shared beautiful goal. There is a generosity in their game which means they are able to make the best decision for the team and not just for themselves which is critical for success.

5. Innocence.

When seemingly kind intentions come from a mixed motive it steals authenticity and damages relationships, but when kindness is fueled by innocence, without motive, it becomes spherical. Three dimensional. Spherical kindness is kind to everyone we come into contact with (including ourselves).

The beautiful game had disappeared from English football for some time where sportsmanship and gentlemanly like behaviour was replaced by faking fouls and stealing penalties. This has disappeared from the English game and has been replaced by strength and honesty which breaths confidence and propels momentum.

6. Value.

When we go through life chasing things that aren’t important we are left with little energy for what really matters. When we work every day towards what is truly significant the 9-5 mentality disappears, energy increases, effort multiplies and every day becomes exciting.

No-one will be thinking about money when they walk onto the pitch on Wednesday. History does not remember money, the world is changed by the pursuit of passion. Our team is an inspiration for anyone facing a seemingly impossible task to follow their heart regardless of obstacles, adversity or odds of success. They are already our legends. They are already our role-models.

7. Empathise.

When confronted with someone else’s anger it is really easy to take it personally and carry it with us into our next interaction. We create a chain-anger-reaction causing a domino effect as we say something we wish we hadn’t. When our response is to choose empathy and to see the other person’s perspective, we are better equipped to avoid conflict.

England is demonstrating a level of empathy that we have not seen before. Not just to their opponents but to their team-mates which brings a deep understanding and a complex level of skill and intuition to their game. Their ability to empathise allows them to focus on what they can control and not waste energy on the things they cannot. It means that they don’t need to lose their heads if the score is against them, until the final whistle is blown it just does not mean a thing about their ability to win.


8. Sustain.

Commitment is not always the best answer. There is a time to commit and a time to quit. When we are fully committed we will go the extra mile, become more creative, industrious, effective and find a way around whatever obstacles we face.

England have shown an incredible amount of commitment not just to their game but to each other. Commitment sustains when everything else fails. When legs are tired, breathing is difficult and energy is depleted; commitment carries and magic happens.​

Here is an anagram to sum this up, FORGIVES:

When England forgive themselves for the mistakes they make or may make

When England forgive the mistakes others have made or may make

When England forgive the things that happen or might happen

Then England’s heart and mind collide

Then anything is possible (even a win).

This strategy and theory is based on the Octagonal Mindset © 2018 70x7 Ltd

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