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It's a heart thing

Many people spend their whole life trying to find their ‘thing’. We can turn to parents, friends and our careers advisor for ideas and suggestions, they can help and guide us but they can not make the decision for us. There is only one place we will find the answer, and it is written on our heart.

We dream from an early age but we get side-tracked, as various opportunities parade for our attention like proud peacocks. We can dream so many dreams we can confuse those concocted from circumstance with what is written on our hearts. When we dig back into our deepest darkest memories to recall our previous hopes and dreams they are still there, they do not disappear. When we take the time to remind ourselves of them, like long-lost friends, they can provide direction and guidance on our next steps.

As I delved back into my dusty diaries I was reminded me of a dream I dreamed when I was 19, a moment that changed my whole outlook on life and sparked something in me. It was a motivational speech that I will remember word for word until I am 93 (hopefully even older than that). It has influenced every major decision I have made since that day and inspired my quest for growth and impact. Despite the significance of this memory I needed to be reminded of it again. Set back after setback meant I had lost sight of it as it seemed to slip away beyond my reach.

On that day when I was 19 I got a glimpse of the potential within me. Since then I’ve worked with sales teams, universities, hospitals, rehabs and prisons helping people recognise and pursue their own dreams. That they have everything they need and how to tap into their potential. That their mistakes and failures don’t determine their future. It is the ‘thing’ that is written on my heart, wired into the passion and desires that make me. The thing I love doing more than anything and the thing I am created to do. The thing that feels most natural and makes me feel alive. The thing I jump out of bed in the morning to do.

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