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Too busy to be kind

Christmas ads have certainly gone up a notch in recent years and although they have the central aim of increasing their sales, they also do a great job of inspiring us to be generous and to care for each other.

After watching them I’m inspired to do a better job of going out of my way to care for someone else, whether that’s at home, work or just out and about. I like to think I’m caring and considerate but I’m also a girl of routine, schedule and generally running around at 100 mph. I watch the ads and I’m challenged on how willing I am to break my routine or schedule for someone else. Ouch! Maybe, I’m not so good at being caring and considerate as I like to believe & want to be.

My schedule and routine are like comfort blankets for me, helping me maintain my illusion that I’m in control of things. I do care, but how often do I do anything about it? I’m in a rush and too busy to stop and offer the person who is homeless some food or just a quick natter, so I avoid making eye contact with them because I feel guilty that I’m walking past them as if they aren’t there. My neighbour is going through a rough time and looking for a listening ear, we have a quick chat but I’m distracted and running late. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my closest friends and family just because I’m so ‘busy’. So thank you Sainsbury’s for challenging me to do something that breaks my routine or schedule just for someone else, no matter how difficult, uncomfortable or inconvenient it might be; I’m sold that it is a better way of spending my day, I'm trying a new way to be.

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