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Sharron Frammingham, Founding Chair 
The author of an Octagonal Mindset, certified Employment Specialist and Trainer. Her heart and passion is to provide consultancy and training to HR, recruitment and management teams that enables them to create joy filled organisations. She has a mission to make meaningful and sustainable employment available for all.

Sophie Stevens, Non-Exec Director

Sophie brings a passion for social justice and an incredible capacity to strategise across sectors as a result of her general brilliance and experience in both the private and public sector working in both local community settings and in international development.

Dr Thomas Weddell, Non-Exec Director
Medical evidence based research is the back-bone behind an Octagonal Mindset so it is invaluable for us to have Tom on our team. After his experience as a doctor in A&E he is wonderfully equipped to help us solve problems and face challenges plus he brings a passion for social inclusion and improved mental health provision.

Peter Salmon, Non-Executive Director
Pete is the technical genius leading the development of the Octagon App (which will be coming soon). He also brings experience in developing and scaling start-up organisations and a heart for international development and social justice.
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"I am a bit of a geek. I have read hundreds of business books to learn how to lead and to innovate. It is not easy when you have 2000 shops, like we do, but the best ideas are simple. The idea that is consistently nurtured in successful organisations, is having a culture of kindness at its core. Ethical, kind capitalism can be a very positive force. For us this means leading with love and kindness. Demonstrating genuine love for your colleagues is commercially very powerful. An Octagonal Mindset is a helpful interactive guide in demonstrating the power of love in the workplace and how to do this. It provides useful strategies to remove the perceived difficulties of how to love, be kind to each other and to ourselves."
James Timpson, Chief Executive of Timpson, OBE 

“Through an Octagonal Mindset, Sharron Frammingham brings creativity, love and wisdom to the big questions that plague us. Anyone who reads her words thoughtfully will find the encouragement and passion to live life to the full.”
Dr Roger Bretherton, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor, Lincoln University