Flip The Script: Episode 19 Insight

Courage to strive for what is unseen is a game changer.

Having a vision and a conviction for the future means your heart and hands are more ready to be brave. Faith, hope and expectancy are all vital for courage to grow. It takes courage to step towards our vision and to make it a reality, to say ‘I’m going this way.' As our vision becomes alive and possible in our hearts, it becomes acted upon by our hands.

What we see in our minds and hearts that can build or steal our courage. If we have positive and hopeful expectations we’re more likely to find the courage we need. If we think our bravery is stupid and will end in disater we’re less likely to find it or want to find it. Insight goes beyond to see the good of the here and now but also looks forward to what can be.

Insight does not happen overnight but requires deep reflection to gain understanding. By stopping to question and understand why things are as they are, it informs, empowers and facilitates change. This is an especially important practice when you are stuck and are not seeing the progress and growth that you are working for.