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Flip The Script: Episode 17 Supervision

Positive and affirming accountability can produce remarkable change.

If you struggle with the idea of being supervised then question why? Do you fear the loss of control and creativity? Do you expect supervision will bring tight restrictions and no freedom? Having someone regularly checking in with you to ensure you are OK and doing OK is no bad thing, especially if you think of that person as someone with ‘super-vision’. Instead of seeing it like someone breathing down your neck, think of it like having a superman or supergirl on direct dial! You may get to decide who you have as your supervisor and you may not. Whoever they are and whatever TAGS they bring choose to love them. Don’t critique and undermine them, love and listen to them.

Supervision provides accountability which is powerful. When someone expects you to be brave and courageous you are more likely to live up to their expectation and find the bravery you need. Likewise, if people expect very little and don't hold you accountable for much, it's easy to live down to that expectation.

An accountability partner will push you and encourage you to be braver and boldAn accountability partner and a supervisor helps you to keep trying and helps you toachieve the growth your heart desires. They will monitor the level of challenge you are putting yourself under and make sure you are not attempting too much. Attempting too much can be as effective as attempting nothing and you achieve nothing. The route towards your DAGA willrequire you to grow at a steady rate that is sustainable and healthy for you.

You are here for a purpose. You are valuable. You are loved. You are capable. You are able. There is TREASURE in you, more than you know. Now is the time to let it show.

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