Flip The Script: Episode 16 Serving

Knowing what to do and how to live a sanctified dream isn’t usually the most significant problem or sticking point, taking action toward it is another thing entirely.

When you consider how to use your TAGS to help and serve others, it takes the focus off of yourself and onto someone else. As you use your TAGS to help and serve they will develop and grow and before you realise it. Serving someone else instead of yourself flips the script and switches the focus.

It’s scary not knowing what will happen when you make your contribution and offer your service, the outcome is usually uncertain. What if people don’t want your TAGS? Your TAGS require a level of vulnerability whenever you use them and your DAGA requires a certain level of vulnerability to pursue, which feels intimidating and exposing. To overcome this intimidation requires courage.

Insufficient courage means nothing is done or at least postponed or delayed. Delayed action isn’t action, it’s procrastination. An act becomes harder and harder and requires more and more courage the longer the delay. It’s easy to rationalise while watching an opportunity pass by, ‘next time.' The problem is that there might not be a next time. Instead, decide this is the time, this is the chance, and it’s much easier to be brave.