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Flip The Script: Episode 11 Perspective

Are you courageous or are you cautious?

You can be both! Caution and wisdom can go hand in hand with courage. You don’t need to choose caution or courage, you can choose both.

Being brave doesn't mean throwing all caution to the wind. Instead, it's a good idea to do the opposite. If something is risky it's important to understand what the risks are and to process them thoughtfully.

After conducting your risk assessment and you are aware of the risks and implications involved, also question your motive. Are you really pursuing this opportunity for love or is it something else that you have convinced yourself is love.

Sometimes your motives can fool you. You can easily get carried away and swept away. You can believe you are doing the right thing for the right reasons but actually that is not the case and your real motive is not loving at all. When you have confidence in your motivation you will realise the right thing to do.

You are here for a purpose. You are valuable. You are loved. You are capable. You are able. There is TREASURE in you, more than you know. Now is the time to let it show.

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