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Flip The Script: Episode 9 Legacy

We can work really hard for something and have our heart set on a certain outcome but for whatever reason it doesn't work out the way we hoped.

Maybe due to the corona pandemic you have lost your job, promotion, your business, or maybe even someone close to you. In yesterday's programme (episode 8) I said if you are feeling overwhelmed it is important to stop and breathe, but what next?

People need a different amount of time to adjust to a new reality. That is OK. When you are ready you have an opportunity to continue.

Share your heart and vision. Legacy is created when sanctified dreams are passed from one heart to another.

Maybe you are unable to finish what you started. Maybe things will never be the same again. It doesn't need to end there. Look for another route. Don't give up. Share your heart. Share your vision. Is there someone who can finish your vision with you? There will be a way forward. You still have a future. You can still create a legacy.

You are here for a purpose. You are valuable. You are loved. You are capable. You are able. There is TREASURE in you, more than you know. Now is the time to let it show.

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