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Flip The Script: Episode 4 Loyalty

You are here for a purpose. You are valuable. You are loved. You are capable. You are able. You are entrusted. You are TREASURE (just in case you forget)...

True loyalty requires real courage. The most difficult obstacles to overcome in being loyal to who we are is criticism and fear of disapproval.

You can try to choose a path that fits in with what other people expect of you, to fit

popular opinion or what everyone else is doing, but the major problem with this is that

it will take you down a path that is not yours. Although it may appear to be easier and more comfortable it never is, because it isn’t you. You can not put someone else’s head on your shoulders. You must have your own mind and follow your own heart. You have to be loyal to your own path.

Use this opportunity while we are lockdown to do a mindset reset. Are you being loyal to you? Are you being who you are made to be? Are you using your Talents? Abilities? Skills? Gifts? If not, why not? Now is a perfect time to try. How could you make a start today?

You're more talented than you know. There is gold within you, it is time to let it show.

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