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Week 8 & Mindset 8: Commit & Sustain

I am one week away from my first ever Ironman race and today is a dress rehearsal and my first time ever in a tri suit. I'm not a shopper but this is the second most exciting piece of clothing I've ever purchased (second to my wedding dress)! Putting on this suit felt really significant. I am literally clothed in commitment. Whatever happens next week, like my wedding dress, for better or worse, I am committed.

There is a time to quit and a time to commit. When we are committed we will go the extra mile, put in more effort and find our way around whatever obstacles we face. We become more creative, industrious and effective. Commitment determines what we do with the 24 hours we’re given every day, influences our priorities and gives us the courage to take risks. What do you need to commit to and stick to?

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