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Week 3 & Mindset 3: Respect The Process

Once we get started it is often not pretty or elegant and it can be a lot harder and longer than we expect before we start to see results - overnight success is a rare experience. We can become frustrated and tempted to cut corners or give up. Regardless of the challenges and however far you have to go when you respect the process you can enjoy and celebrate the journey.

This week is week 3 of Ironman training and I attempt my longest ever bike ride (100 kms) all on my own! It is a messy process. To achieve it I had to break it down into tiny bits and focus on each bit. I didn't think about the total distance I had to cover as I didn't have the strength or courage for that. I just had strength and courage for each moment and each peddle. So with a 5km goal by 5km I managed to cycle 100 kms!

What is your thing? Is there something big you are trying to achieve? Take your time. Respect the process. Break it down into tiny chunks that you do have the strength, courage and confidence for and then do that again and again and you will get there.

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