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Week 1 & Mindset 1: Overcoming Fear Of Failure

Week 1 and Mindset 1 of the Octagonal Mindset has been all about overcoming fear of failure.

The first step in unlocking our potential is to begin but the fear of failure or being different can be intimidating enough that we never get going. When we accept that failure is just a part of life, a learning process and that we all have a 'L' plate on our back. When we understand that we are all learning, that everyone experiences failure at some point, that is when the fear of failure can't stop us and we are free to try and have a go.

This is what having a go at a full distance triathlon ('ironman') is all about for me. It is something I have always always wanted to do (even before I married a triathlete), to challenge myself on that level both mentally and physically. However, for me, as an unnatural athlete, the risk of failure is really high and has stopped me from having a go from something I've always wanted to do. Not anymore! I'm having a go, even if I might fail. It is really tough going but I'm really enjoying it and in my first week I've already achieved more than I thought I could. So my question for you is the fear of failure preventing you from doing something you want to do?

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