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Today I am reflecting and giving thanks for my encouragers...

I am grateful for those who are walking with me through life and regularly tell me I can, when I think I can’t. Also for those who have just been in my life for a mere moment or chapter and told me I could, when I thought I couldn’t, those moments are light bulbs in my memory.

Their encouragement for me, has been life changing.

We can easily forget it’s influence and power until desperately we need it and gladly we receive it. For whatever reason though encouragement does not come easily to many people, they struggle to give it and struggle to receive it. Please would you allow me the honour today of encouraging you. It is my life mission and dream of my heart to be an encouragement to someone when life is hard.

So that thing on your heart that you most want to see and be, (it is not about salary, position or power) it is a dream of a heart that needs to fan into fire. So breath it in and step it out, allow my words to remove your doubt. You can, you can, you can, you can. You will, you will, you will, you will. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. It is who you are, who are you meant to be. Keep going my friend, trust and know one day, you too, will see, what I see.

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