Inspired by the snail step

Tuesday was the start of something new for me and the fulfilment of a dream. Since I was teeny tiny I've wanted to help people and to make a difference and that has shaped & influenced every career and life decision (well most of them) since then.

Tuesday I hosted the Ingenuity Conference my aim was to challenge and inspire people to flip the script and move from survive to thrive. Instead, I was the one inspired. By the mum who came because she had lost who she was and was determined to dig up buried dreams. The lady who was battling mental illness and knew she needed inspiration on how to use her skills. The entrepreneur who had taken a risk and needed encouragement. I got to speak to them and they inspired me. Then yesterday I sit opposite our Graeme, to encourage and inspire him and he inspires me.

On 28th March our Graeme went to work as usual and ended up in an ambulance being blue lighted to Pilgrim hospital after suffering a major stroke. I only made it to see him once a week but each week I saw improvement (bar one week). It was