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We've worked hard to create an intervention that is effective, scalable and sustainable for company wide implementation whilst also providing a positive impact for your whole supply chain and local community. Whether you are looking to increase well-being in your organisation, improve performance, reduce retention or for a new CSR initiative to serve your local community we can help you.

We are a Social Impact Company. Our mission is well-being at work and sustainable employment for everyone. We believe everyone has a unique contribution to bring and we encourage everyone to use their unique TAGS (Talents, Abilities, Gifts and Skills) to contribute and serve others. We partner with corporate organisations who share our vision and mission of enabling people through the delivery of our flagship coaching programme:

Mindset Management Business Skills Coaching Programme:

(online / 6 mths / 30 mins wkly / daily content / max 12 in a group / option to continue to advanced class)

1)      Faith to Fail: Reimagine your place and contribution
         Core skill: Creative and innovative thinking
Original Value: Embrace and create value
         Core skill: Diverse-Inclusive thinking (DIQ), revealing unconscious bias
Respectful Process: Build a system
         Core skill: Planning and organisation for daily outcomes
Generous Integrity: Ethical leadership
         Core skill: Relationship development and building trust
Innocent Kindness: Communication and networking
         Core skill: Inverted focus first
Values Aligned: Goal setting and attainment
         Core skill: Target and outcome focus
Empathetic Response: Negotiation and influence
          Core Skill: Developing a growth mindset
Sustained Commitment: Problem solving
          Core skill: Developing resilience


"I am a bit of a geek. I have read hundreds of business books to learn how to lead and to innovate. It is not easy when you have 2000 shops, like we do, but the best ideas are simple. The idea that is consistently nurtured in successful organisations, is having a culture of kindness at its core. Ethical, kind capitalism can be a very positive force. For us this means leading with love and kindness. Demonstrating genuine love for your colleagues is commercially very powerful. An Octagonal Mindset is a helpful interactive guide in demonstrating the power of love in the workplace and how to do this. It provides useful strategies to remove the perceived difficulties of how to love, be kind to each other and to ourselves."
James Timpson, Chief Executive of Timpson, OBE 

“Through an Octagonal Mindset, Sharron Frammingham brings creativity, love and wisdom to the big questions that plague us. Anyone who reads her words thoughtfully will find the encouragement and passion to live life to the full.”
Dr Roger Bretherton, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor, Lincoln University

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