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Octagonal Mindset and IPS

Fidelity Scale 8 Core Principles (TREASURE);

Our intervention (Octagonal Mindset) applies the 8 principles of the IPS Model (Individual Placement and Support). IPS is an internationally evidenced based model and best practice application for mental health at work. A leader's ability to handle pressure will hugely impact performance, but it can be taught and learnt. The Octagonal Mindset applies IPS and makes it more widely available, because all leaders are at risk of stress. At some time or another they will need a level of support to thrive. 

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Additional Information

For IPS academic research please contact us or:
Centre For Mental Health
The International IPS Employment Center

*Please note we refer to aspiring and future leaders as leaders, because this is what they are. Everyone has leadership potential within them. Some on a small scale and some big but all have potential to lead, influence and make change.


Tenderhearted, we help leaders to trust themselves and focus on their strengths.

IPS Principle: Competitive jobs opposed to sheltered employment.


Respect, we help leaders focus on their worth and value.


IPS Principle: Job development and skill utilisation.


Essential, we provide rapid support and a trusted process to help build confidence when it's needed.


IPS Principle: Rapid support or job search opposed to extended counselling and assessments.


Able, we link with healthcare to bring a holistic and integrated approach to leadership development.


IPS Principle: Integrated with health services.


Strong, we help leaders realise the power of their motivation, passion and desire.


IPS Principle: Additional benefits and support signposting.


Unlimited, we give unlimited and ongoing support, so we can be available when we're needed.


IPS Principle: Unlimited support for employee and employer).


Responsible, we help leaders fulfil their responsibilities regardless of how capable they feel.


IPS Principle: Zero exclusion from diagnosis, inclusion purely based on motivation and desire to work.


Equal, we help leaders achieve equality and to fight discrimination and stigma.


IPS Principle: Support is individual and based on requirement.

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