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Membership Services

70x7 Ltd enables people who struggle with their mental health to not just survive but thrive at work and enables organisations to build Inclusive and Diverse Organisations. Achieved via a Membership of Progressive Organisations who are committed to see an improvement in mental health. 70x7 Ltd provides reliable assurance to organisations to cater for the mental health needs of their colleagues and service users within their employment. We provide IPS via a remote service (phone, email and video call). Therefore, we only accept referrals from our member organisations that are local to the client referred. Referrals for our support come from 4 main areas;
  • Retention support for employees who are struggling with their mental health.
  • Recruitment support to hire people from disadvantaged backgrounds to increase the Inclusivity and Diversity of a workforce.
  • Training and consultancy on how to best support employees with their mental health while they are at work.
  • Locum support for service users during staff absence or a hiring gap.
For more information about Membership and prices please contact us.

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